The 150 Quiz

Each month from December 2013 onwards, the Communications Office will set a quiz on some aspect of FCC. There will be 10 quizzes in all, with 10 questions each. Each quiz will be multiple choice with only one correct answer.


The 150 Quiz is open only to the FCC family: current students, alumni, faculty and staff. (Communications Office staff and our SWP volunteer, of course, are  NOT eligible.) To prove that you are part of the FCC family, in addition to your name, you will need to give one of the following in the quiz answer form:

  • your roll number, if you are a current student
  • your Formanite Alumni Association number, if you are an alum (please register with the Alumni office  if you don’t have an FAA number yet; an old roll number will not be accepted)
  • your employee number if you are a faculty or staff member (check your pay slip if you don’t know it)

The quiz will be conducted through this subdomain and can only be done online. To find the correct answers, you can ask any faculty or staff member, use the resources of the Ewing Memorial Library, check the FCC website and subdomains, check the FCC Societies website and subdomain, check the internet — in short, you can use any resource EXCEPT the Communications Office.

The first correct answer form received will be declared the winner. If no one has all 10 answers correct, then the first answer form received with the highest number of correct answers will be the winner. Only one answer form per person will be accepted. If more than one is received, the earliest form will be considered valid. The decision of the Communications Office will be final.

There will be only one prize each month. Each prize will have a monetary value of Rs 1,500 (we like the number 150 better, but we felt 1,500 would be more acceptable). Each prize has been donated by a faculty/staff member.

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