January 150 Quiz Answers

This is the second in our series of quizzes to celebrate FCC’s 150th anniversary. This quiz looks at some aspects of FCC’s history.  Here are the correct answers for the January 150 Quiz:


1. Dr Charles W Forman was the founder of the Mission School, the first English-medium school in Lahore, which grew to become Forman Christian College. What does the “W” in his name stand for?
Answer: William


2. FCC’s motto “By love serve one another” is a Biblical quotation. In which book of the New Testament is it found?
Answer: Galatians


3. FCC was the first college in this part of the subcontinent to allow female students to enroll. Which year were the first female students admitted?
Answer: 1902


4. Non-British nationals occasionally receive knighthoods for contributing to relations between their country and Britain. Which FCC principal was a recipient of such a knighthood?
Answer: Dr James Carruthers Rhea Ewing


5. FCC is famous for a number of “firsts” in the region. Which of the following was NOT a first for FCC?
Answer: The first to have a students’ Dramatics Society


6.The FCC Library once owned a book of poetry by a Romantic poet which included a letter written in his own hand. While the original book and letter have disappeared, a copy of the letter’s contents remain. Who was the poet?
Answer: Byron


7.The origins of United Christian Hospital go back to when FCC converted two of its hostels into a hospital to treat wounded refugees at Partition. Which two hostels were these?
Answer: North (currently Shirazi) and West Halls


8. Lahore’s educational institutions have produced a number of accomplished writers. Which of the following was a Formanite?
Answer: Krishan Chander


9. Originally called Centenary Hall to celebrate FCC’s 100th anniversary, Sinclair Hall was designed by the Daghestani-born architect Nasreddin Murat Khan. Which famous building did he design in Lahore (incidentally, free of charge)?
Answer: Minar-e-Pakistan


10.The first graduates of Forman Christian College received their degrees from which university?
Answer: Calcutta University

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