September 150 quiz Answers


This is the eighth in our series of quizzes to celebrate FCC’s 150th anniversary. We look at the on-campus USAID-funded hostel for women, which is nearing completion.


1. The groundbreaking ceremony for the hostel took place on 29 May 2012. In addition to the Mission Director USAID Pakistan, who took part in the groundbreaking?
Dr James A Tebbe

2. Unlike most of the university’s buildings, the hostel has an unusual shape. What is it?
6 wings from a central hub

3. The hostel will be 77 ft high, which makes it the …
second tallest building on campus

4. The hostel is currently called …
Hope Tower

5. The hostel will have beds for how many residents?

6. The hostel rooms will be …
both single and double rooms

7. At present FCC’s women students reside in Shirazi Hall. How many beds does Shirazi Hall currently have?

8. Women hostel residents at FCC currently come from which regions?
3 provinces of Pakistan, the Northern Areas and abroad

9. To look after the larger number of residents, in addition to the warden, how many assistant wardens will there be in the hostel?

10. When will the hostel be inaugurated?
Before the end of 2014

Author: Communications Office

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