May 150 Quiz Answers

This is the sixth in our series of quizzes to celebrate FCC’s 150th anniversary. This quiz looks at some interesting facts about some of our wonderful current faculty.

1. FCC’s faculty is not just highly competent in academics, they have many other talents. Which faculty member speaks Russian?
Dr Sufian Aslam

2. One of FCC’s faculty members is famous for wearing brightly coloured socks; in fact, his socks were once auctioned for charity. Who is he?
Dr Bashir Ahmad Khan

3. Nomophobia (no-mobile-phone-phobia) is the fear of being out of mobile phone contact. Which of the following faculty members is exactly the opposite of nomophobic?
Dr Wajahat Hussain

4. FCC has two Tree Czars who monitor the numbers, variety and welfare of the trees on the campus. One of the Czars is Dr Rehan Siddiqui, Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences. Who is the other?
Associate Professor Shahnawaz Cheema

5. Which faculty member is the author of a book about Seraiki poetry?
Dr Nukhbah Langah

6. Which faculty member has taught Latin?
Dr Grace Clark

7. Which college (Intermediate) faculty member won the Alumni Talent Show during the 2014 Annual Alumni Reunion Week?
Mr Rizwan Sabir

8. Which faculty member has a daughter named Evania (which means “peaceful” in Greek)?
Ms Syma Shafi

9. Which faculty member has acted Off-Broadway?
Ms Marianne Murphy

10. Which of the following faculty members has taught the longest at FCC?
Prof Munir Arjamand Khan

Author: Communications Office

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