March 150 Quiz Answers

FCC’s alumni have made a name for themselves in a wide range of occupations. Since this is the month of the Annual Alumni Reunion, we think it appropriate that this, the fourth in the 150 series of quizzes about FCC, looks at a few of our many alumni.

1. Graduating with a degree in Economics from FCC, Eqbal Ahmad went on to become a renowned thinker and writer. In an obituary, a friend wrote: “He brought wisdom and integrity to the cause of oppressed peoples.” Who was this friend?
Answer: Edward Said

2. A street close to FCC has been named after cartoonist Jawed Iqbal. Where is this street?
Answer: off M M Alam Road

3. Krishen Chander is famous for – amongst other writings – his Urdu and Hindi short stories. Which of the following was written by him?
Answer: Garjan ki Aik Sham

4. Pakistani-American actor Faran Tahir did his Intermediate from FCC, going on to do degrees at the University of California at Berkeley and Harvard University. Which actor has he NOT co-starred with?
Answer: Christian Bale

5. Sir Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar OBE, FRS,was a renowned scientist, the first Director General of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, and the person for whom one of India’s most prestigious science award is named. In which subject did he do his MSc in FCC in 1919?
Answer: Chemistry

6. Faustin Elmer Chaudhry (better known as Chacha Chaudhry) is considered the pioneer of photojournalism in Pakistan. He worked as a freelance photographer until signing up with which newspaper in 1949?
Answer: Pakistan Times

7. Jamila Hashmi was a writer of short stories and novels. In which subject did she do her Masters while at FCC?
Answer: English

8. Sheila Bhasin Gujral, wife of another Formanite former Indian Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral, was an award-winning poet. Writing in English, Hindi and Punjabi, her work was also translated. Which language was her poetry collection “Two Black Cinders” translated into?
Answer: Arabic

9. Capt Dr Inderjit Kanwar Singh of the Indian Medical Service was one of over 130,000 Indians who served in France during World War I. Killed in action in 1914, he is buried in Bethune. Which award was he given posthumously?
Answer: Military Cross

10. Feroze-ud-Din Khan, captain of the FCC hockey team in 1925, was also a member of the Indian team at the Amsterdam Olympics of 1928. This team won the gold medal starting a winning streak for Indian hockey which was to last for how many Olympiads?
Answer: 6

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