About Us

Forman Christian College’s Sesquicentennial is a year dedicated to celebrations marking the completion of 150 years of service to education. Throughout 2014, the University will honor the University’s rich tradition of imparting world class education since 1864 while looking forward to continuing this tradition in the coming years.

We celebrate a century and a half of educating leaders who have impacted the world in the fields of medicine, engineering, social sciences and arts. In addition, Forman Christian College has been a pioneer in many lines. It was the first institution to form a Graduates’ Association in 1896, the first to open a Biology Department in 1898, the first to adopt co-education in 1902, the first to open a Technical Chemistry Department in 1919, the first to open Geography classes in 1924, the first to conduct medical examination students admitted to the College in 1914 and had the first students to receive the degree of BSc form the University of Punjab. Adding to this legacy is the University’s mission of serving the local community which has been kept intact since its inception with efforts of the staff, faculty and the student body.

We take pride in our history and achieving this milestone and look forward to the coming century in hope of greater success.