April 150 Quiz Answers


1864 was the year of FCC’s birth. What other births – of people and institutions – were happening in the world? This is the fifth in our series of quizzes to celebrate FCC’s 150th anniversary and takes as its starting point various births in the year 1864.

1. In Lahore another famous educational institution was born in 1864. Which was it?
Answer: Government College

2. In England, John Wisden published “The Cricketer’s Almanack for the year 1864”, the first issue of a reference book which would come to be considered the Bible of cricket. One of its sections is “5 Cricketers of the Year”. Who was the first Pakistani cricketer to be included in this section?
Answer: Fazal Mahmood

3. In 1864, St Mary’s School was established in Bombay (Mumbai) by the Jesuits. One of its most famous alumni was Farrokh Bulsara. He is now considered one of the greatest rock singers of all time. Which name is he more commonly known as?
Answer: Freddy Mercury

4. Dr Aloysius Alzheimer was born in June 1864 in Germany. In 1906, he identified the disease that bears his name. What part of the body does Alzheimer’s disease affect?
Answer: brain

5. The painter and illustrator Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec was born in France in November 1864. He is one of the most famous artists of which artistic movement?
Answer: post-impressionism

6. The Royal Bank of Canada, the largest financial institution in the country, was established in 1864 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia is the second smallest province of Canada; which is the smallest?
Answer: Prince Edward Island

7. In 1864 Charing Cross Station was opened in London. Lahorites have their own Charing Cross (now officially called Faisal Chowk) where until 1951 a marble pavilion sheltered a bust of Queen Victoria. Where is this bust now?
Answer: Lahore Museum

8. In 1864, the Quanjude Restaurant was established in Beijing, and introduced an ancient and iconic dish to the rest of the world. What was this dish?
Answer: Peking Duck

9. In 1864 in South Africa, Bloemfel was founded on the banks of the river Vaal when diamonds were discovered in the area. The unit of measurement for diamonds is a carat. How much does one carat weigh?
Answer: .2 grams

10. In 1864 Lobos Partido, a subdivision of Buenos Aires Province in Argentina, was created. It is the birthplace of President Juan Peron, whose second wife, Eva Peron, inspired the famous musical Evita. Which of the following musicals did the same team of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice also write together?
Answer: Jesus Christ Superstar

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