October 150 Quiz Answers

Roaming around the beautiful FCC campus will give you the answers to this month’s quiz, which is all about numbers.

1. The Chaudhry Ahmad Saeed Building is the seat of administration at FCC. What is the maximum number of people allowed in the only lift in the building?

2. Intermediate students have lockers in the Seemi Tajammul Building (A Block). What is the highest number locker in the building?


3. The octagonal courtyard (S-Octa) in the Armacost Science Building is reminiscent of old Lahore architecture. How many arches can be seen from the courtyard?


4. A number of tree planting ceremonies have been held in the Rose Garden. How many pine trees grow there?


5. Sinclair Hall has a large number of freestanding columns along all four sides. What is the total number?


6. The front of the Business & Social Science Building (E Building) faces the new car park. How many windows are there in the front facade?


7. The new car park, accessed from the Canal Road service lane, has separate sections for guests’ vehicles, motorbikes, and faculty/staff cars. How many parking spaces are there for cars?


8. The Mercy Health Center was inaugurated last year to provide round the clock health facilities to residents of the FCC campus. How many beds does it have for patients?


9. The Ewing Memorial Library stores its Religious Studies books in a small but beautiful galleried room with an internal staircase. How many bookcases are there in the room’s lower part?


10. And finally … what is the number of the Communication Office’s new room?



Author: Communications Office

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