January 150 Quiz Answers

Thank you for participating in the tenth and last FCC Sesquicentennial Quiz. We had over 100 responses this time. Here are the answers.

1. Mercy Health Center was inaugurated on 11 February 2014. How much do services to students cost?
They are free

2. The Annual Alumni Reunion was held on 1 March 2014. Which group performed in the music program following the dinner?

3. On 3 March 2014, FCC celebrated Founder’s Day with the largest birthday party in its history. Celebrations included the performance of a military band. Which regiment did the band belong to?
Azad Kashmir Regiment
4. 3 March 2014 was also the date that a special supplement was printed commemorating FCC’s 150th anniversary. Which newspaper did the supplement appear in?

5. Pakistan Post published a special commemorative stamp for FCC’s sesquicentennial on 14 May 2014. What denomination was the stamp?
Rs 8

6. On 8 August 2014 a wreath laying ceremony was held at the grave of FCC’s founder, who is buried in the Christian cemetery near Taxali Gate. The Rector Dr James Tebbe laid a wreath at Dr Charles Forman’s grave while Mrs Elizabeth Tebbe laid a wreath at the grave of Dr Forman’s first wife. What was Mrs Forman’s first name?

7. A groundbreaking ceremony for the extension of the Business & Social Sciences Building was held on 30 September 2014. The extension has been jointly funded by UBL and Bestway Foundation to the amount of Rs 150 million. How many additional classrooms will the extension house?

8. Hope Tower was inaugurated on 12 November 2014. Ms Farah Shah, a Hope Tower resident, addressed the audience speaking about her experiences of living in the new hostel. What part of Pakistan does Farah hail from?

9. The annual Grad Party was held on 28 November 2014 and the theme was neon disco. Neon is one of the naturally occurring noble gases. How many noble gases are there in total?

10. Commencement was held on 29 November 2014. This was the largest number of students graduating at one ceremony since FCC became a chartered university in 2004. What was the total number of graduates?




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