Unveiling of Memorial Pillar at New Site 1936

jubilee pillar December 1936

After luncheon at the new site [the current campus], on December the 20th, 1936, Dr. S. K. Dutta conducted the gathering to the Memorial Pillar, where it stood like a gigantic finger pointing to the heaven, a silent testimony to the selfless work of Dr. C. W. Forman, the Founder of this College, and his successors.

The Principal guided the company and, stopping at each tablet, read out its contents. On the first tablet was a history of the College and the date of its foundation and of the erection of the Pillar. The next tablet contained a list of five names – mere names and no more. But names that mean much to every Formanite – Dr. C. W. Forman, the Founder of this College, Dr. H.C. Velte, Sir James Ewing, Dr H.D. Griswold, Dr. J. H. Orbison, all of whom occupy a definite niche in the fifty years of existence of the Forman Christian College. The third tablet again contained names and no more. But each of these names signifies the progressive evolution of this College, as it advanced step by step, from a College with fifteen students to a College now containing over one thousand students. Forman, Ewing, Lucas, Dutta – all stepping-stones in the progress of the College; significant of what the College was and what it will be.

With the erection of this Memorial Pillar we ring down the curtain over the fifty years of service of this College.

            M. C. Sanyal
(Assistant Editor, The Folio, FCC Magazine, 1936-37)

Source of text and image:  The Folio, FCC Magazine, Vol. XXVIII,  January 1937 to February 1937.
Notes: Dr Sufian Aslam (FCC 1968-1972), Dean of Sciences, remembers seeing this monument when he was a student at FCC. It was on the land which currently has the PCSIR buildings. The monument was pulled down when the boundary wall was built.

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