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Dr G. L. Batra reported on November 15th, 1914, as follows:‒

I made a medical examination of 353 students of Forman Christian College, and the following remarks will be found interesting as it is the first medical examination made in any Lahore Arts College.

There were two kinds of forms used – one to be filled in by the student giving particulars about his personal history and family, and the other to be filled in by myself.

Age of the students examined varied from 16 to 23 years, except in the case of half a dozen students whose age varied from 23 to 29 years.

WEIGHT ‒ varied from 88 to 160 lb.

HEIGHT ‒ varied from 4 ft. 10 in. to 6 ft. 2 in.

HEART ‒ there were only 4 cases who had slight trouble, but nothing serious.

LUNGS ‒ there were 15 students who had weak chests.

TEETH ‒ about 12 cases of bad teeth.

EARS, THROAT AND NOSE ‒ only 6 defective organs.

VISION ‒ there are 46 students who wear glasses and 76 who have below normal vision.

The general physique of the whole was fairly good, but a good many require physical exercise and should not be honorary members of gymnastics which means avoiding exercise.

There were 250 Hindus, 78 Mohammedans, and 25 Christians.

250 HINDUS ‒ of these 121 vegetarians and 129 non-vegetarians.

120 of them were married at ages varying from 10 to 22 years, 45 of the remaining were betrothed between the ages of 2 and 19 years.

There are 21 out of 250 students who have confessed to smoking, but I am sure the numbers of smokers is more than that.

78 MOHAMMEDANS ‒ of these 21 were married at the ages varying from 13 to 21 years and 12 of the remaining are betrothed.

There are 16 students who have confessed to smoking.

25 CHRISTIANS ‒ none of them married or betrothed.

Only 7 have confessed to smoking. I would leave you to draw your own conclusions from the above facts.


Source:Text from S. K. Datta's "The History of the Forman Christian College: Selections from the Records of the College 1869-1936". Image from "The Folio, FCC Magazine, Jubilee Number. 1886-1936".
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