Seeing Double: Remembering FCC

rashid javed

by Mian Muhammad Rashid Javed

My first contact at FCC was with Mr Naeem Asad-Ullah at new student orientation day. He was my adviser, he spent the whole day with us. He briefly explained to us the education system here, the degree program, credit hours, add drop, WF, WP, midterm and final terms. On the very next day, I had my hostel interview. When I entered the interview room, the person who was taking the interview looked similar my adviser. At first I thought he was my adviser and I was amazed that he did not recognize me. In fact, we had spent the whole day together the day before. After a few days I came to know that he was Mr Nadeem Asad-Ullah, the twin brother of Mr Naeem Asad-Ullah!

It’s quite difficult for me to write down in words the feelings that I have for Forman Christian College. I spent four years of my educational life here. These four years were splendid and memorable. The faculty of Forman Christian College was very friendly and cooperative. Their way of teaching and giving lectures was unique, it allowed a student to learn and flourish. In my Economics Department I liked Mr Muhammad Afzal Tabassum, Mr Zahid Iqbal, Dr Hafiz Rizwan Ahmed and Dr Muhammad Aslam Chaudhry. In my early days at FCC, I was low in confidence. I felt I would be lucky if I even managed to pass with average grades. However the structure of education at FCC, combined with hard work, led towards my achieving a BS (Hons) degree in Economics with good grades.

These are a very few simple words of thanks to Forman Christian College. 150th Happy Birthday to my Alma Matter FCC!

Author: The author belongs to Toba Tek Singh. He did BS (Hons) Economics from FCC in 2010 and "had a great time at the university".

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