Remembering the 100th Anniversary

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 by Manzur Sangam Gill

In 1964 I was an MSc student of Physics of FCC, lived in Ewing Hall, but with classes in the old campus of Punjab University, near Anarkali. Living in Ewing Hall was wonderful: the classes were within ten minutes walking distance; in the evening, watching the pretty girls dressed in beautiful evening clothes in Anarkali Bazar was only three minutes walking distance.

The author as a student

The President of Pakistan, Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan, was going to be the chief guest at the main event of the centennial celebrations, and I was not going to miss the event for anything. Several of us from Ewing Hall came in the college bus well in advance. Come rain or shine the college bus was always on time. These were simpler times – the President of the country was going to attend the function, the students and guests were roaming around the campus, no guns or rifles or obtrusive security people were visible, there were no searches made as we entered the campus.

It was a pleasant sunny midmorning, the grassy grounds and the hedges were all meticulously presentable as usual. The event was held in the main ground. Arriving at the scene were the President – most handsome and presentable specimen of a Pathan; accompanied by serious faced, awe-inspiring Malik Amir Muhammad Khan, Nawab of Kalabagh and Governor of West Pakistan, in his usual turban with a stiff turla pointing towards the sky; and the relatively small-framed, gentle and dignified Principal Dr E J Sinclair. The audience faced towards what is now Sinclair Hall, unlike these days when the audience face away from Sinclair Hall during the annual alumni reunion main event. I was so impressed by his photogenic face that when I left Pakistan for higher studies, I took a photograph of President Ayub to show off our president to the people abroad.

The Principal gave the welcome address in his usual clear voice and professor-like tone, followed by the speech by the Chief Guest. The whole event was flawless and I was proud to be a Formanite.

100th webAll photos from The Folio, Centenary Issue, Forman Christian College, Lahore, November 1964.



Author: The author studied at FCC from 1962-1964, graduating with MSc Physics. After teaching for a few years, he went to the US where he completed his PhD in Electrical Engineering with specialty in Microelectronics from Southern Methodist University (SMU), Dallas, Texas. After working in the US for many years, he took early retirement from Intel Corporation in 2004 and came back to Pakistan to serve his old alma mater. He served as FCC's first Chief Advancement Officer from 2004 to 2012.

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