My Dream To Be a Formanite


By Arslan Ahmed

FCC … A dream of mine. I was about thirteen when I heard about the marvelous status of FCC. That very day I had a vision to be the part of FCC for my Intermediate education. But it was not easy for me. I had two challenges in front of me. The first was that I was from a middle-class family and the other was securing high enough marks to get into the merit list of FCC Intermediate Admissions. For this I had to go to a well reputed school where I would get the high marks which could get me to FCC. I strived hard and had to struggle for getting a scholarship, because I belong to a far flung area of Balochistan. I got a scholarship and traveled to Lahore for higher secondary school education. I did not have a strong educational base but I struggled very hard just for the sake of FCC. Finally I succeeded and, Alhamdolillah, got admission in FCC on merit basis in Intermediate. Today I am very proud to be part of FCC.


Author: The author is from village Killi Mir Shareef Khan Badini in district Nushki. He is currently studying in FSc (Pre-Medical).

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