My Bond with FCC

umer chaudhry

by Muhammad Umer Chaudhry

After studying for 11 years at an army school, I wanted to go to an army college with the plan to somehow join the military, but my parents had other plans. They asked me to apply to FC College, telling me, “Come on! It’s Gen. Musharraf’s institution (I was a fan).” Well it was a lucky day in 2004 when I did get admission here.  At FCC I was fortunate to study under some of the finest and most dedicated Physics teachers who introduced me to this, as I say, “glamorous” subject, and I chose Physics to be my career. I also took admission in the Baccalaureate program here in 2006 and learnt a lot about life other than Physics: how to serve one another by love; how to make yourself a source of happiness or comfort for others rather than being a menace for society; how not to sit back in certain situations but to speak up against the ills of society, against injustice whether it be directed towards us or anybody else. And these lessons are the most precious ones that FCC taught me. I have the deepest love for this institution where the values of inter-faith respect, gender equality, impartiality and opportunities for everyone to progress are stronger than anywhere else in the country.

Now I am back at FCC as a teacher of Physics. Fortunately I have found that while the campus is becoming more and more beautiful and full of facilities and infrastructure, the golden values remain the same here as before. I pray that this culture stays like this forever and I want to play a positive part in making it stronger.

Author: The author was a student at FCC (Intermediate 2004-2006, Baccalaureate 2006-2010). Since 2013 he has been teaching in the Intermediate program.

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