More FCC 150 merchandise available

The Dean of Students Office and the Advancement Office have had special merchandise made for FCC’s 150th Anniversary.

TheĀ Dean of Students Office is currently selling mugs for Rs 200 each. The mugs have been designed to represent traditional fabrics and crafts from different areas of Pakistan.

FCC 150 mugs by the Dean of Students Office

FCC 150 mugs by the Dean of Students Office

TheĀ Advancement Office is selling FCC 150 mugs for Rs 200 each. They are also selling polo shirts in blue and black colors (sizes small, medium and large). The shirts are available at a promotional price of Rs 350 until the end of this month. Following that, the shirts will be sold at their regular price of Rs 500.

FCC 150 mugs by Advancement Office

FCC 150 polo shirts by Advancement Office



Author: Communications Office

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