Golden Moments


by Mujtaba Ali

One day we were playing frisbee near the Hockey Ground. This was back in February 2010. Our Rector, Dr  Peter Armacost, happened to pass by there. One of our class fellows threw the frisbee and it hit Rector. We were all scared, wondering what would happen now. Most of the students hid behind trees. But he called us near him, took the frisbee, and asked us to teach him how to play. Yes, we did teach him and enjoyed our game with him while talking to him. We took some memorable photographs that day. Such a nice guy and such a nice moment!

Author: The author did his Intermediate from FCC. He is currently studying in Namal College. He writes: "Although GC is a great institution and it is many people's dream, but I had to come to FCC as it was my dream. And I loved my decision."

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