December 150 Quiz Answers

150 Q-01-04

This is the first in our series of quizzes to celebrate FCC’s 150th anniversary. This quiz looks at some interesting facts about FCC. Here are the correct answers for the December quiz.


1. The clock in the Susheela Building (old P Block) shows the correct time only twice a day. What time is that?
Answer: 12:34

2. Not many people know that FCC’s Lucas Centre Cafe is one of the pioneers of fusion food in Pakistan. No longer on the menu, what was one of its most famous dishes?
Answer: Chinese biryani

3. FCC’s Intermediate students belong to different “houses”. Which of the following is NOT the name of a house?
Answer: Bahadur Shah

4. Many FCC alumni have gone on to roles of leadership and service in Pakistan. The Formanite governor of which province attended FCC’s 10th Commencement?
Answer: Balochistan

5. The new USAID-funded 6-storey women’s hostel will have 2 lifts (elevators). How many lifts are there currently in FCC’s campus buildings?
Answer: 5

6. FCC staff are known for their love of animals, some of which are presented in the annual pet show. Who amongst the following staff members does NOT own a dog?
Answer: Ms Kiran Salamat

7. Pakistan Postal Service introduced the 5-digit post code in 1988. The post code for FCC’s main campus is 54600. What is the post code for Ewing Hall?
Answer: 54000

8. The brick seating in Octa-S (the courtyard within the Armacost Science Building) has designs of two card suits. Which are these?
Answer: Clubs and diamonds
9. The first FCC’s Got Talent show was held in 2012 and was a great success. Hamza Butt won first prize with a song first performed by which famous rock star?
Answer: Eric Clapton

10. FCC has a number of auditoriums, one of which is E-025. How many seats does E-025 have?
Answer: 190

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