And the Time is …

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by Eileen Dass

When I got the new FCC 2014 calendar, I sent it to my niece in Karachi. One night I got an urgent phone call from her. She said she needed to ask something, and didn’t have much credit left on her cell phone so she wanted a quick answer. I got worried and asked her the problem. She said she had looked at all the pages of the calendar and couldn’t find the “150” on the photograph of the Susheela Building (the September photograph). I asked her, “What time does the clock on the building show?” She answered, “Ten minutes to two.” I asked her, “And what is ten minutes to two?” Finally she got it, and said, “One fifty.”

This has been the most interesting calendar FCC has printed to date!


Author: Eileen Dass is the Executive Assistant to the Rector. She has worked at FCC since January 2013.

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