A Memory

by Muhammed Abdullah Hayat

abdullah hayat

I began my freshmen year at FC College on 7th October 2013. As I entered the campus I remember feeling both excited and a little nervous. It was the start of a new chapter in my life. I was finally a university student. At that moment I had no idea what this institution had in store for me.

With every passing day, life at FCC became more and more enjoyable. The great architecture, the amazing people and the wonderful blend of nature made this place my second home. Within a month, I managed to create memories which will last a lifetime. One such memory, which makes me smile every time I remember it, is what I have decided to share here.

It was my first week at FCC and I had just come out after taking three consecutive classes. Needless to say, I was exhausted. My friends and I decided to sit at the stands above the cafe. We grabbed some snacks and made our way towards our “adda” as we like to call it. With winter just around the corner, the evening was chilly with a cool breeze blowing. Black clouds had taken over the sky and with every passing moment the wind was catching speed. The main sports ground was full of people enjoying the wonderful weather. With the sound of laughter below and packs of birds hovering above, the sight was simply poetic. I had never seen such a sight in my entire life. My friends and I sat there and just looked. We observed the majestic view of the Armacost Building, the rustling of the trees and the flight of the birds. We observed peace and serenity.

It was in that moment that I had a sudden realization. In that overwhelming silence I had my great epiphany. Sitting there, I smiled and said, “Guys, the best four years of our lives have begun.”

Author: Muhammed Abdullah Hayat is a freelance writer. Currently in the BS (Hons) program, class of 2017, he plans to major in Economics and then go abroad for a Masters degree.

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