A Dream Come True

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by Humza Bin Masood

I would love to share my story  as one of my dreams has come true. I got admission in BS (Hons) in 2011. I joined RCYG in my Freshmen year as a Coordinating Officer. In that year the Red Crescent Youth Group (RCYG) offered a 15-day Medical First Responder Course in collaboration with Rescue 1122. After that training, I came to know that when my brother died he needed CPR [cardio-pulmonary resuscitation] but at that time no one one knew it. By the time he reached hospital it was too late. It was a challenge for me and it was the dream of the founder [M Shafiq] of the Emergency Services that there should be 24/7 Emergency Services and a place where such service could be provided. Today, when Mercy Health Center was inaugurated, I was glad that I kept the promise I made to myself and the Founder of Emergency Services. The challenge which I accepted when I came to know that my brother required CPR at his last moments had been completed. At first people laughed at me asking how it could be possible that FCC would take such an initiative as it an institute whose priority is education, not health. Today I can say that it is possible and hard work is the key to success.


Author: The author is a Junior majoring in Environmental Sciences. He is the Chief Coordinator of Emergency Services, which comprises Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Emergency Fire Services (EFS) and Emergency Disaster Services (EDS). This is now a complete project of RCYG.

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